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​İzmir Kaplan Vip Transfer , İzmir Airport Transfer


Reasons to Choose Us

Ease of Payment in the Vehicle

The fee can be paid in cash or 

You can pay via EFT/FAST

Affordable Price Policy

A comfortable journey awaits you thanks to our affordable price policy and quality service.

Professional  Employee

Thanks to our professional drivers and hosts, a comfortable journey will be waiting for you.

Why Mi Kaplan Vip 

Safe Travel

Our pre-, during and post-travel checks are carried out regularly.

Safe Travel

Our Kaplan Vip fleet is monitored 24/7 by satellite from our operations center.

Comfort Travel

All our flights are waiting for you with free wi-fi, host service, catering and more!

24/7 Support

Our Customer Representatives are ready to Answer Your Questions 24/7

Free Welcome

Our staff will greet you with a banner with your name on it.

Interpreter Service

In addition to our vehicles, we provide interpreter services for your foreign guests upon your request.

İzmir Airport Vip Transfer

Comfortable Vehicles and Professional Drivers

Nowadays, traveling has become an important issue in terms of comfort and reliability. During your trip to Izmir, you should consider Izmir Airport transfer services for comfortable transportation. This service can make your trip a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Here's what you need to know about Izmir Airport transfer

Comfortable Vehicles and PProfessional Drivers

Izmir Airport transfer services are generally provided with comfortable and modern vehicles. Drivers are generally professionals who know the area well and are trained in accordance with safety standards. In this way, you can have a comfortable journey throughout your trip.

Time management


Transfer service can help you manage your time effectively. There may be situations where you need to wait before or after your flight.Transfer service prevents loss of time and gets you to your desired point quickly.

Safe and Reliable

Security is always a priority. Izmir Airport transfer services are offered in accordance with security standards. This allows you and your loved ones to travel safely.

Ease of Reservation


You can reserve transfer services in advance. It is very easy to make a reservation online or by phone. This way, your trip will be planned in advance and your chances of encountering unexpected problems will be reduced.

Economical and Flexible Price Options

Izmir Airport transfer services usually have different price options. If you are traveling as a group or have a special need, you can find a price option that suits you.

Izmir Airport transfer is a service that can make your travel more enjoyable and hassle-free. You can enjoy your trip with comfortable vehicles, professional drivers and safe transportation. Ensuring time management and evaluating economical price options by making a reservation in advance can help your Izmir trip be more planned and safe.

İzmir Airport Transfer

Kaplan vip offers low cost airport transfers from Izmir Airport. Book now Izmir Airport Vip Transfer, Door to Door Transfer

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