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Kaplan Vip  Serving the Whole Aegean Region Since 2002  With its Superior Service Approach Based on Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Behind the success of Kaplan Vip lies a customer-oriented and productivity-centered management approach.

Experienced in the Industry  Kaplan Vip continues its activities to fulfill the demands of our valued customers perfectly. We know that having a Staff with Safe Driving Skills, Smiling and Loving Their Job Doesn't Make a Difference, On the contrary, they are the most basic building blocks of what we do.

Our Service Approach

Continuing to be a pioneer with its innovative applications for 20 years, Kaplan Vip . continues to set the standards of the sector with its firsts and principles. Not only does it stand behind the promises and commitments it has made without discrimination, its researcher structure and contemporary approaches, but also as an opinion leader who raises the issues on all necessary platforms by maintaining its respectful attitude to the legal order, it has a say in making decisions that ensure the development of the sector and raising its standards. Sharer identity, not show off; prioritizes investment in people, scientific systems and brands.

Our principles:

  • To serve in the passenger transportation sector with an innovative and dynamic team spirit.

  • To provide integrity with the employees by starting with the principle of "people first".

  • Not to create unfair profits and not to cause unfair competition.

  • Respecting the laws and rules.

  • stand against monopoly; disapprove of opportunism and exploitation.

  • To keep the basic and professional ethics in front of commercial gain.

  • To determine education and quality as a way of life.

  • Combining the past and the future in the same pot.

  • To give importance to research and investigation.

  • To treat everyone and everyone fairly.

  • To be sensitive to social events.

  • To be the pioneer of the principles and the protector of the firsts.

Kaplan From Past to Present Vip 

July 2002 - December 2005

December 2008 - August 2018

August 2018- October 2022

  • Kaplan Vip Bridal Car Rental begins to serve under the name Specially designed vip vehicles such as weddings, engagements, henna   special days _cc781905-5cde-3194_hiz5cfcf- .​

  • The vehicles designed by Erbakan Malkoç are included in the fleet.​

  • Online reservations are started to be received via smartphones.​

  • Kaplan Vip serves the 5054 couple.

  • Serving the surrounding provinces of İzmir begins​

  • PlayStation3 is added to vehicles.​

  • The operational software program, developed entirely with internal resources, begins to be used.​

  • A "Public Relations" unit is established at the company headquarters, and passenger complaints and suggestions begin to be evaluated.

  • New Branches such as Balçova and Buca come into service​

  • The Operations Center, which provides 24/7 service, is put into service.​

  • Kaplan Vip Bridal Car Rental brand is registered as a "Well-known Brand".​

  • Kaplan Vip. The communication motto is determined as “Tiger Vip With You”.

  • Kaplan Vip dominates 97% of the market

  • Tourism activities are started upon high demand from customers​

  • Professionalization, which is the basic pillar of institutionalization, begins. Institution ID is renewed. The Information Processing Integration project comes into play. is diversified. The board of directors is activated.

  • Kaplan Vip Transfer is Installed. ​

  • 12634 couples, 32 politicians, 1046 corporate customers are served

  • New Mercedes Vitos also join the fleet. ​​

  • Kaplan Vip Starts to Serve in Marmaris and Marmara Regions with its Expanding Fleet  

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