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  • The customer is the subject of this contractIn order to benefit from the shuttle service, a reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the transfer time. Reservations are taken according to vehicle availability on religious and national holidays, New Year's Eve and other public holidays. Kaplan Vip is not responsible for the lack of service on holidays and special days. The reservation can be canceled or changed by the customer up to 24 hours before the transfer time. In this case, the customer will be refunded. Refunds for late reservation cancellationsit is not done.

  • The route to be followed along the way from the departure point to the destination during the transfer service; It is determined exclusively by the vehicle driver, taking into account traffic, road conditions and other criteria. The customer is not authorized to change this route. In this context, requests of the passenger to stop at a different location between the determined route and to wait for a while at this location are not accepted. The service is responsible for delivering the customer from a certain point to the airport or from the airport to a certain point.

  • Kaplan Vip will not be responsible for any traffic accident or any other reason that may occur during the transfer, if the customer suffers bodily or material damage, or if the transported goods are damaged. In such a case, the customer irrevocably agrees and declares that Kaplan Vip will not have any responsibility arising from Article 66 of the Code of Obligations and other provisions of the legislation. The articles of this agreement that impose responsibility on Kaplan Vip are reserved.

  • Despite the allocation of the vehicle suitable for the transfer service, if the number of persons and baggage amount determined by the customer at the time of purchase is exceeded, the transfer is carried out without exceeding the legally determined transport limits of the vehicle. Passengers or baggage exceeding the legal limits are not accepted into the vehicle. If the customer gives up the transfer service for this reason, no refund will be made. The customer is obliged to certify that he is the customer who purchased the service to the Kaplan Vip personnel in the vehicle at the transfer point, with the identity documents issued by the legal authorities and the reservation document. The customer who does not fulfill this obligation will not be transferred.

  • Kaplan Vip is not responsible for the loss or damage of any items left in the vehicle by the customer during the transfer. However, if the forgotten item is discovered later by Kaplan Vip personnel, it will be delivered to the specified address within the provincial borders of Izmir on the same day upon the request of the customer.

During the Kaplan Vip transfer process, bags, chests, parcels, etc. will be able to accept the issues in accordance with the luggage capacity according to the volume of the vehicle. does not accept.. Responsibility in this regard belongs to the service recipient. In case of loss or damage to the baggage received from the passenger without a declaration of value, the service fee is paid to the passenger as material and moral compensation. The customer accepts, undertakes and declares that there is no flammable, combustible, explosive, narcotic, fluid, odorous, radioactive substance in the baggage subject to the transfer, and that there is no substance prohibited to be carried or kept by the Turkish legislation. If the presence of the items listed in the baggage is noticed by the driver, the baggage in question will not be accepted into the vehicle. In cases where the following 15 (fifteen) minutes are exceeded during the unloading of the aforementioned items from the baggage, the transfer does not take place due to these reasons, or the customer cannot catch the flight due to lost time, no refund will be made. In addition, in these cases, the customer cannot claim any receivables or rights under any name against Kaplan Vip. in luggage; If the existence of the above-mentioned substances is noticed, Kaplan Vip will immediately notify the competent authorities. The presence of the listed substances is not noticed by the driver; if the vehicle is detected by law enforcement officers stopping and searching during the transfer; Any loss and damage that Kaplan Vip may incur due to this reason shall be covered by the customer immediately, in cash and at once.

The customer's pet transfer requests and the type of pet to be transported will be notified by the customer during the online purchase of the service. Animal transfer will not be made without such notification. Animal transfers cannot be made alone without an adult customer. The animal to be transferred under these conditions can only be transported in its special cage, in the section determined by Kaplan Vip personnel in the vehicle, under all responsibility of the customer. Under no circumstances is it possible to transfer animals whose acquisition, possession and transfer are illegal according to Turkish law. In transfers from a certain point to the airport; Kaplan Vip declares and undertakes that the vehicle allocated for the transfer will be available at the designated point at the transfer time. A 15 (fifteen) minute delay from the transfer time will be considered a reasonable delay. In case of delay exceeding 15 (fifteen) minutes, the customer does not have to wait for the vehicle. In this case, the transfer fee is returned to the customer. In transfer points such as site, mass housing; Kaplan Vip is not responsible if the 15 (fifteen) minute delay time is exceeded due to the security guards preventing the vehicle from entering the site. If 15 (fifteen) minutes are exceeded in this way and the customer does not wait for the vehicle, no refund will be made. The customer has to be present with his luggage at the specified point at the transfer time. If the customer is not ready at the transfer point at the transfer time, the vehicle allocated by Kaplan Vip is obliged to wait for the customer for 15 (fifteen) minutes. If the customer does not reach the designated point with their luggage after 15 (fifteen) minutes, the vehicle is not obliged to wait any longer. 
At the transfer point, Kaplan Vip personnel are not obliged to leave the vehicle, carry luggage, pet cages, or accompany the passenger to the vehicle to be transferred.
Children under the age of twelve will not be transferred without an adult accompanying them. 

In cases where the service subject to this contract is interrupted or not performed due to weather and road conditions, vehicle breakdown, sudden health problems related to the customer or the driver, checks to be made by law enforcement during the transfer, and other reasons, and in cases where the passenger cannot catch the flight; Kaplan Vip is only obliged to refund the prepaid service fee to the customer. The provisions of this contract that stipulate non-refundable situations are reserved. The customer accepts, undertakes and declares that Kaplan Vip is not obliged to pay for the flight ticket and other material / moral damages, except for the obligation to return the price. In case the customer gives up the transfer during the transfer; Kaplan Vip has no obligation to transfer the customer back to the point of origin. If the work schedule of the vehicle does not allow, the customer is left in the nearest residential area in accordance with the traffic rules. In such a case, no refund will be made. During the transfer of the customer; Kaplan Vip has no such obligation if the goods are forgotten or returned to the point of purchase for any other reason and requests the transfer to be completed. It is up to Kaplan Vip to realize this request of the customer to the extent that the work schedule of the vehicle allows. In such a case, Kaplan Vip is not responsible for the customer not being able to catch the flight or suffering any other damage, and no refund will be made. If the passengers or animals transported in the vehicle experience any health problems during the transfer; Kaplan Vip personnel are obliged to immediately transfer the passenger to the nearest health unit. The passenger's request to the contrary does not bind Kaplan Vip personnel. The closest health unit may be official health institutions or private health institutions. Kaplan Vip is not responsible for any death, bodily damage, material or moral damage that occurs during and after the transfer of the passenger/animal with a health problem to the nearest health unit. At the end of the transfer, the customer is obliged to purchase the service and sign the notification document indicating that he has reached the destination. Upon the customer's request, the invoice for the service provided will be sent by Kaplan Vip to the address specified by the customer.

  • Force Majeure 
    All kinds of force majeure, natural events, adverse climatic conditions, social events, public movements, negative developments in the working life, any legal or illegal worker or employer movements, strikes, lockouts, union movements and in case they fail to fulfill their obligations under this contract as a result of acts of slowdown, war, armed conflict, revolution, declaration of martial law or state of emergency, conflicts and riots between groups; This contract will remain suspended until the end of the situations/adverse effects listed. The contract will enter into force again with the expiration of the listed situations/negative effects. Failure of the parties to fulfill their obligations as a result of force majeure does not entitle the other party to termination or compensation.

  • Cancellation Conditions and Other Provisions No cancellation, change or refund can be made for any reason on the campaign product purchased by the passenger. Applications made to banks and Kaplan Vip for cancellation and refund requests for overdue reservations are invalid.

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