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Fleet Features

Electrical Socket

Use all your electronic devices comfortably during your trip with the sockets in our vehicles.



Free baggage allowance up to 20 kg

Treat Types

Take advantage of our various treats and beverage services throughout your journey.

In-Car TV

Movies, TV, Games and more in-car tv and multimedia.

Fleet Features

General features

Kaplan Vip wide vehiclewith its fleetIt is one of the leading road passenger transportation companies with the youngest and largest fleet in the Aegean Region. Our fleet, which is renewed every year, consists of Mercedes, Vito and Sprinter brand vehicles with the latest technology.

comfort and Technology

  • Seat, ceiling and side wall upholstery of the highest quality is standard in our vehicles.

  • Ergonomic seats, non-sweat wool-based velvet seatfabricsWith its wide legroom, it offers our passengers unmatched comfort even on the longest journeys. In addition, the comfort of travel is completed with cup holders and footrest units.

  • Each seat has individually adjustable ventilation and lighting system.

  • Our vehicle has a powerful air-conditioning system with anti-allergic filter, which provides the ideal temperature and humidity adjustment of the passenger cabin in all seasons and weather conditions, and which is regularly checked / renewed. Precisely controlled automatic air conditioning provides homogeneous heat distribution, while our passengers have a comfortable journey thanks to its low noise level.

  • Personalized full-touch screen backrests in all vehicles in our fleet offer our passengers the pleasure of cinema with their image and sound quality.

  • 220 volt electricity is standard in our vehicles. Our passengers can comfortably use and charge all their electronic devices during their travels.

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